[linux-audio-user] regarding SCons

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Apr 23 12:57:24 EDT 2004

> >   CT and Csound are now the only two apps on my system that use SCons.
> > The maintainers of Csound couldn't make the autotools work for
> > themselves, so now you must add downloading and installing SCons (and an
> > up-to-date Python) to the process of building Csound. Happily, that
> > isn't especially difficult, but it does add another layer of complexity
> > to the process. More to the point, why don't the mainstrean Linux
> > distros include SCons as a matter of course ?
> Debian does... and I believe gento too..
> though not sure about redhat-based distros..

It is part of Planet CCRMA for RedHat 8.0/9 and Fedora Core 1 (because
cheesetracker is there as well :-) 

-- Fernando

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