[linux-audio-user] Newbie questions for live gigging

Richard K. Ingalls ringalls at glenwood.k12.mo.us
Fri Apr 23 13:55:52 EDT 2004

Matthew Allen wrote:
> 	For a newbie (someone who hasn't even installed a distro yet) I
> would suggest doing a Live CD first (Dynebolic is the most mature for
> multimedia, however the Agnula guys currently have one just about ready
> to go). Once the Linux newcomer has gotten an idea of what you can do
> (and more importantly what they want to do) with linux using the Live
> cd, they can then start to look at distros. 
> 	The live CD route has a couple of advantages. First, if they
> find they don't like Linux, all they need to do is reboot. No pain, no
> hassle, nothing. Second, the live CD's are a great way to gradually
> learn all of the ancillary stuff you need to know if you are going to
> use linux (command line stuff, configuring programs, directory structure
> (like: what is your home directory?), etc.) The problem with going the
> straight Distro route (except I think for CCRMA which seems to get
> everyone who tries it up and running VERY VERY fast) is that you are hit
> with all of this 'new' info right at the onset. It can be a bit
> overwhelming, and a live cd really helps to acclimate a new user to the
> wonderful world of Linux.
> m.

I suppose I should clarify that I use RedHat on my servers at work 
(I'm a school network administrator) and I use it as an application 
server (LTSP) in the classrooms.  BUT, I've only been using Linux for 
about two years (20 months or so).  So, I guess technically I'm not a 
"newbie", but I still feel like one.  There is SOOOOOOOO much to learn 
about in Linux - it's a such powerful OS and can do anything you want 
it to.  It's overwhelming.  Do we have a word for 
not-quite-a-newbie-anymore ?

My main goal is to use my PC is a sound generator / sample playback 
machine for live gigs with my Kurzweil MIDI master keyboard.  If I 
can't, then my next goal would be to use it as a simple sequencer 
(after I buy a new MIDI sound module, probably a Yamaha Motif).

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