[linux-audio-user] Ardour Crash + can't boot

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sat Apr 24 06:06:24 EDT 2004


	Sounds strange.  If you are using LILO to boot press <Ctrl>-x at the
splash screen and then enter "linux single" at the boot: prompt to boot
into single user mode.  If you are using GRUB you can press "e" when the
GRUB splash screen comes up.  Highlight your normal boot line with the
arrow keys, press "e" again, add " single" to the end of the boot line,
press Enter, press "b".  This will boot you into single user mode.  At
that point you can look around your system and see if anything is
amiss.  Many times just getting it to boot into single user mode and
then doing a clean reboot will clear up any problems you have.  If
you're getting a message about having to manually fix a disk partition
you can manually fsck a disk partition by entering "fsck
/dev/hdWHATEVER".  Usually I just agree to let it fix whatever is wrong
at that point since anything more involved is "magic".  Good luck.


On Sat, 2004-04-24 at 04:57, Aaron Trumm wrote:
> reposting this cuz I ALWAYS forget to make the messages plain text from my
> windows machine:
> Hello all - this has actually become a general problem, but I think it was
> caused by Ardour, so I'm cross posting on linux audio and the ardour lists
> I'm running Red Hat and the latest ardour from Planet CCRMA which I think is
> 0.9beta11.2-1 - I was recording a take, and upon pushing stop Ardour
> crashed - a similar has happened many times with this version, actually
> pretty much every time - after the take, it gives me a memory error, I click
> ok, ardour exits, I go back, but it kept the take.
> but this time, it crashed without that, i started ardour again, the take
> WASN'T there, and then ardour either froze or crashed I can't remember which
> cuz I was in session so it was hectic, and I needed to reboot manually and
> so I did, and now, though, it won't boot - it hangs and says "kernel panic.
> no init found.  try passing the init= option"
> I can provide more details if needed - I think the kernel is also the latest
> planet kernel - but from what I've been able to find I don't think it
> matters.
> so I grabbed my emergency boot disk, or what I think is my emergency boot
> disk, because I have never used it, and reset, and I get what I'm sure is a
> familiar prompt to most, the 'ol
> boot:
> and it's telling me to hit return or wait ten seconds to boot from /dev/hda2
> (hmmm - is that where the boot loader really is on my system?  not sure)  -
> and that I can "type "linux <params>", and press <return> if I want to
> override the defaults
> now I know nothing about these params and I'm more familiar with a dos boot
> disk where i shove that thing in and reboot and I'm looking at a dos prompt
> even if my harddrive is totally wanked.
> what I've read has told me to boot up and edit some files - fstab maybe?
> but uh - *blush*  - how can I get to a danged prompt?
> for the ardour list:  does this sound familiar, is this version of ardour
> known to do this kind of thing?

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