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Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Wed Dec 1 02:42:35 EST 2004

MarC wrote:
> En/na Randy Kramer ha escrit:
> I totally agree. When I write in English, I do this kind of mistakes
> (I'm not native...) Sorry.

No problem!  (Except my prejudice against TWiki calling a page a topic

> Yes. I've seen them. Great.

Some will be good (I hope), some not so good.  (I think I left some
cruft on there last time I edited, need to try to look at it today.

> >>by the way, Randy, could you change the name of it (adapt it to
> >>CreativeLabsSoundBlasterAudgy OEM)??

> Yes, but I suggest creating a way to link them without specifying their
> real name directly...
> Otherway, some crossed links which I have already created will be broken
> as soon as we change the name of the page...
> (see LA_SoundFonts for example)

In general (if TWiki is working as designed / intended) links to changed
pages are should change automatically.  Ahh, my memory is coming back --
maybe the exception is for pages that don't use real (T)WikiWords for
names (LA_LinuxAudio is not a real (T)WikiWord).  I'll try to confirm
that, if so, that's another argument to change the page prefix from LA_
to (e.g.) Audio  (in which case I'd rename the LA_LinuxAudio page to
something like AudioOnLinux) -- let me know what you think of that as a
prefix -- we might pick up a few stray pages that are already named
beginning with Audio, but they wouldn't be totally irrelevant.

> Yes. I also find you should explain how to create a new page fast. It's
> easy but if you write it down (or put some links to do it), it will save
> some time to contributors.

I need to run now, there are links to such information on WikiLearn --
I'll try to find one and/or repost the information here.

Randy Kramer

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