[linux-audio-user] Scratch-built DAW - what's your favorite?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Wed Dec 1 08:21:12 EST 2004

Last Wednesday 01 December 2004 05:16, Reuben Martin was like:
> ASUS A7V333. This was more than two years ago though when it was the latest
> and greatest. There are more up-to-date mobos than this one now. For people
> looking for mobos for AMD procoessors, I would recommend VIA chipsets over
> Nvidia. The support is more mature for VIA. AMD chipsets are also good, but
> not very common. If you want a 64 bit AMD processor, I would wait for 64
> bit support to mature a bit more. Give it another year or so.

I spend most of my time recycling equipment that the rest of you would 
probably consider to be doorstops. On older MoBos you should avoid SiS 
chipsets like the plague. I don't know if that's improved recently.

When I have a couple of hundred to spend, I'm surely going to treat myself and 
put together a Linux-compatible DAW. All Macs are purpose built, many Windows 
boxes are specifically designed and need to be considering the paucity of 
drivers that come with XP. Although reconfiguring old Windows Office boxes to 
run Debian always feels like some kind of victory, I'm always aware how much 
these machines weren't designed to do what I'm trying to do with them. This 
becomes more and more apparent as soon as you start trying to make music.


tim hall

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