[linux-audio-user] Scratch-built DAW - what's your favorite?

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Dec 1 10:19:41 EST 2004

tim hall wrote:

>I spend most of my time recycling equipment that the rest of you would 
>probably consider to be doorstops. On older MoBos you should avoid SiS 
>chipsets like the plague. I don't know if that's improved recently.
>When I have a couple of hundred to spend, I'm surely going to treat myself and 
>put together a Linux-compatible DAW. All Macs are purpose built, many Windows 
>boxes are specifically designed and need to be considering the paucity of 
>drivers that come with XP. Although reconfiguring old Windows Office boxes to 
>run Debian always feels like some kind of victory, I'm always aware how much 
>these machines weren't designed to do what I'm trying to do with them. This 
>becomes more and more apparent as soon as you start trying to make music.
I want to understand how the design of these (Win-centric) mobos are a 
hindrance to running Linux. Can you explain what to look for in mobos to 
run Linux -- especially for what we are concerned with? Are there mobos 
on the market that are designed with Linux in mind or explicitly for Linux?

Maybe we could come up with a list of mobos that are 
favorable/unfavorable for Linux (maybe one exists?) A list of mobos for 
Linux-Audio would be preferable, but I think this is asking too much. 
Maybe not.


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