[linux-audio-user] Doing the soundcard manufacturer tango (long)

Greg Reddin gtreddin at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 12:00:43 EST 2004

--- Dave Phillips <dlphilp at bright.net> wrote:
>     It's often overlooked how incredibly conservative the whole
> industry 
> really is. Innovative trends like Linux may be perceived more as 
> disruptive than smoothly continuing "things as we've always known
> and liked them to be", especially to the higher-level professional
> studios. 

You know that never ceases to amaze me.  How is it that this industry
is so stuck on doing things in a prescribed way?  I mean, the thing
that made the recording craft what it is was people thinking outside
the box, sometimes even doing unheard-of things to create a sound.  

So why does the industry as a whole seem to have a "one-track" mind
about how we do things?  You wanna record professionally?  Better get
schooled on ProTools.  If you wanna run live sound you better get
schooled on setting everything up in a prescribed manner and don't
deviate.  Always use certain brands.  Always avoid certain brands. 
Don't even bother putting your brain to use.  Just throw a '57 on the
snare and don't think about it.  So, now someone who innovates is
considered "unprofessional."  That really bothers me.

The thing that keeps me coming back to Linux audio is that spirit of
innovation.  People in this community are not afraid to do things
differently.  Who cares if the industry says I need a soundcard with
certain features?  If I can make a good sound with an SBLive, then
why not?  Do what you can with what you got and when it becomes more
of a burden than a resource, upgrade.  

The thing that I don't get is the philosophical stuff.  I can see the
point, but I just don't see how it really matters.  If I can make my
gear work with a closed-source driver and move on to more important
things, I'll download that puppy in a second.  If I'm gonna be a
coder, I'd much rather work in the application space than maintain
drivers anyway.  Besides, it's still better than Windows :-)


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