[linux-audio-user] newbie trying to record

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Fri Dec 3 17:38:32 EST 2004

> > Since most of the noobs to linux are comming from a
> > windows background, wouldn't it help if the mixer app was
> > modeled after the mixer app used for these cards / chips
> > on windows? i.e. no learning curve. (maybe it already is,
> > I've tried to stay away from them)
> Yes but this is harder than you think and requires time and
> a lot of work.

I guess it would be great if we could have a framework which 
enables »normal« users to somehow write the GUI for a certain 

qamix which is configurable using XML files is a first step. 
Unfortunately, qamix depends on the controls that are 
provided by the ALSA driver, and in case of my Aureon USB, 
none of the mixers offers a GUI which I can easily 
understand. Furthermore, I'd like to have radio button which 
automatically disable others and so on, but of course we can 
and should not write an GUI mixer for avery single card out 
there. But a generic program which at the same time is fully 
GUI configurable would be a really great thing and help a lot 
to avoid newbie questions and make live also easier for 
advanced users.

I'm not deeply involved in Linux audio and especially ALSA, 
but I would be interested if it would be able to create such 
a mixer framework application.

Setting up the Aureon on Linux is not easy. The original 
Terratec control panel is better (no wonder ;-).

On the other hand, when I watch the generic Windows AC 97 
mixer, kmix is almost as good as the windows one; I cannot 
agree that windows mixers are better in general.

When we do something, let's not copy windows, but let's do it 
better than something that already exists!

 Best regards


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