[linux-audio-user] more music produced with Ardour and JAMin

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Dec 4 06:30:04 EST 2004

Last Saturday 04 December 2004 01:51, R Parker was like:
> A final mix and master will be released as audio and
> audio video. That production will be available for use
> by anyone that needs to show Linux audio tools in
> action. This version is not intended to be used for
> demonstrations. This is just for our listening
> pleasure.

Cool enough! this goes on the playlist for a bit. 

This mix lacks space and transparency slightly maybe, but the music just 
shines through :-) Can't wait for the final mix as playing this will really 
help me in advocacy situations. I know this piece will get my Sax player 
listening for example!

... Nice! ;-)

tim hall

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