[linux-audio-user] more music produced with Ardour and JAMin

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Dec 4 06:59:55 EST 2004

tim hall wrote:

>This mix lacks space and transparency slightly maybe, but the music just 
>shines through :-)
Interesting how we all hear things differently. I liked the mix, it's 
"close" like a club... which tells me that I've spent 'way too much of 
my life in night-clubs...

Man, that organist is to die for. I assume he's playing bass on the 
pedals ? I've met exactly one person in all my musical life who had the 
skill, a fellow named Pete Smith from Fort Wayne, IN. Alas, Pete's 
weight andhis smoking did him in some years ago, but he was about as 
good as this guy. Oh, what I'd give for someone like that in my bands !

It surprises many people to learn that Findlay, OH, is not a music 
center... of any kind...  ;)

Thanks again to Ron for letting us give a listen. So, Gilberto Gil is 
recorded with Ardour, now we hear this track... it's getting easier to 
convince people about Linux audio...



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