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R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 11:40:59 EST 2004


--- ish at sarai.net wrote:

> I m writting a how-to on using ardour and JAMin
> together>>>
>  it is a very powerfull
> tool/combination...........>>> jamin is a good
> option for mastering  >>>
> ill let u know if when the how to comes up >>> in a
> couple of days...

I write a reply explaining the situation with
producing Ardour documentation about once a month.
Paul Davis has asked us not to document Ardour. The
following is a letter written by him that explains his

"several people have written recently about
documentation.  there are people on the list who don't
know about the situation with ardour's documentation,
so i should probably explain.

ardour has taken me nearly 5 years to write. during
that time, i have received donations of about $2K from
users, and the rest of the US$250,000 or so that it
has cost to support my family has come from money i
made from my brief employment with amazon.com. there
is not
much money left to do this with, perhaps another 6-10
months, and then i have to do something else. i am
already interviewing for other work because of this.

it is not at easy to come up with a plan to make money
from software like ardour. it is a niche market with
very little flowing around, an 800lb gorilla sitting
in the corner (digidesign), a lot of competition
and a lot of illegal distribution of both DAWs and
plugins. oh, and i give the program away :)

among the various half-formed plans that i have (they
may never come to fruition) is to sell the manual for
a reasonably significant sum of money. the only way i
can feel comfortable with that is if i write the
manual myself.

obviously, people could volunteer to help with it, but
it has to be with the clear and absolutely unambiguous
understanding that there *might* be a real revenue
stream from the manual and they will see *none* of it.
not because they don't deserve it, but because i need 

one way to avoid this particular plan would be to set
up something roughly equivalent to the blender
foundation. it wouldn't take a lot: 3 companies
throwing in $15K/yr each would be sufficient. blender
gets EU funding and support for Apple and some other
companies, to the tune of about $1M last year. if
something like this happened, i could forget the
manual as a centerpiece of my plans, and open it up to
much more cooperative process.


There are many of us who would like to document
Ardour. This is a situation where we really need to
consider the interests of Paul Davis before we serve

Your interests in documenting JAMin are an entirely
different matter because there are no restrictions
discouraging you from doing that.


> boom
> #ish
> > Last Thursday 02 December 2004 19:40, Ben Edwards
> (lists) was like:
> >> Secondly was wondering if there was any way of
> using audacity/jamin
> >> together.  Idealy I want to use ardour/jamin but
> audacity is a lot
> >> simpler and is a good fallback.
> >
> > For what you want it may work out easier to use
> Ardour with JAMin. I guess
> > you
> > need to run Jackd, I've never tried it otherwise.
> >
> >> Thirdly - and this is the most important question
> - any advide as to how
> >> to master a deck mix for recording/streaming.  I
> am planing to use jamin
> >> to do this but general advice/other options also
> good.
> >
> > JAMin really is _the_ mastering app.
> >
> > tim hall
> > http://glastonburymusic.org.uk
> > (close enough for laying on of hands if need be
> ;-)
> >
> >

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