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LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at
Tue Dec 7 15:35:23 EST 2004

>> NoteEdit is no longer maintained by its original developer. The 
>>project is now located here:
> There is a chance that this project will not die as many others did. For
> this nice piece of software it is worth the effort, and the author
> promised me if I could find a handful of people stating they like and /
> or use his software, I could change his mind.
> So - do you use noteedit? :)

The only reason I haven't used it (yet) is that I just haven't gotten to 
it. I really hope he decides to keep it alive because my only experience 
with a good notation program was when I had an Amiga computer. I created 
several projects by converting sheet music into actual scores that I was 
able to use while I played guitar and sang. I got actual jobs from using 
that progam.

When I get to that point again (I'm working on my contibution to LAD), I 
will love to have noteedit to be able to reproduce what I did on the 
Amiga and have the scores find their way into future projects.

Of course a light-weight note editing program is of value. Those other 
progams that offer a notation feature are great. But who wants to go 
thru the pains of just getting it to start correctly just because you 
wanted to transfer notes from a page to actual music? And even if it 
starts right up without making you configure unrelated stuff, then it's 
just too bloated for a single task like transfering notes from a page to 
a program to create an actual musical score. And what about all the 
dependencies one would have to track down just to get a full featured 
program (with a notation feature) up and running?

I just had to speak up. I really hope he keeps noteedit alive...


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