[linux-audio-user] Multiple sound cards

Pam & Harold Norris phnorris at gwi.net
Wed Dec 8 16:04:07 EST 2004

Hi all,

I'm not really new to either linux (4 -5 years) or linux audio (2-3 
years) BUT I am new to getting more than one sound card to function at 
the same time.  I'm trying to get a linux based sound system (recording 
only) up and running for our church.  They currently have an 8 channel 
mixer/amp and I would like to record8 analog channels in real-time.  It 
seems everything I have tried doen't work.

Here's the situation:  I have alsa v 1.07 drivers, etc installed on a 
2.4.25 kernel with the low-latency patch  I have downloaded Jack v 0.99 
and installed it.  In conjunction with Ardour I can get either, BUT NOT 
BOTH sound cards to record/play. 

Any ideas?  I have even explored the 8 channel sound cards but I just 
know the church can't afford $500.


Harold Norris

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