[linux-audio-user] the Linux soundapps pages redux

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Dec 8 21:22:42 EST 2004

Hans Fugal wrote:

>Dave, thanks for all your work over the years on the site!
Hi Hans: You're most welcome. I consider the site to be a small 
repayment towards the efforts of Linux audio software developers 
everywhere, they're the true heroes of our little revolution.

>I'm on a "just do it" kick lately so I hope nobody minds that I've set
>up just such a wiki to get us started. Dave understandably doesn't
>have the time or experience with wikis to bother with it, so I figured
>we should get one up and running and get the content moved over, and
>if it meets Dave's approval at that point it can be moved to his
>server(s), or some other more appropriate place.
Do wikis present any particular problems for servers hosting them ? I 
ask because I don't own the servers that host the soundapps sites, and I 
certainly would not want to risk losing the good will of the providers. 
For those of you who don't know, Matt Probst maintains the US server, 
the folks at ATNET in Austria host the European site, and Kenji Yasaka 
provides the Japanese mirror. They have all donated the server space, 
bless their heads, and I want to be sure I don't screw with their security.

>So pick a page and port it.
As soon as I figure out how to work with it I'll try a port or two myself.

Thanks, Hans !



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