[linux-audio-user] FM7 ?

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Mon Dec 13 01:22:26 EST 2004

Shayne O'Connor wrote:

>On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 12:36, Brad Fuller wrote:
>i've got absynth, vokator, b4, pro-52 working on the latest version of
>wine with jack_fst (unfortunately i have to enable "no memory lock" in
>qjackctl to get any to work). 
>fm7.dll segfaults but the fm7.exe launches with no output available (i
>do remember being able to get sound out of the standalone at one stage,
>but maybe with different version of wine, and not very useful, cos you
>could only use the on-screen keyboard). 
>i have been able to get the xpress keyboards version of fm7 working
>(along with the b4, pro-53 versions), albeit without being able to
>change any of the settings from the gui (so stuck with the default
>absynth works beautifully, such a great sounding synth to have access to
>on linux ... also, you should make sure you have "Managed" = "N" in your
>wine config, otherwise it's impossible to enter serial codes ...
>ps - i've got a whole bunch of other vsti's working (i'll head on over
>to the vst compatibility page soon), such as plasticz, slayer2, t-racks
>plugin suite, edirol superquartet and orchestral, grm classic bundle etc
Question: are you accessing native windows (like, via a FAT partition) 
or a "fake" windows?

I do not have a windows FAT partition, I would be installing Kontakt 
into wine w/o windows.

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