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Frode Haugsgjerd froh at fsb.gotdns.org
Tue Dec 14 07:45:29 EST 2004

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 12:29:29PM +0000, Dave Silvester wrote:
> My main problem is that I can't find a way to get Envy24Control to load my 
> default settings each time, and alsactl doesn't seem to want to do it either, 
> so every time I want to use the sound card I have to manually load 
> Envy24Control and select my default setting - only takes a few seconds 
> though, so it's not much hassle.  (It's just a bit annoying, because I can't 
> find a way to automate it - Envy24Control doesn't seem to have any command 
> line parameters!)
> Cheers,
> ~Dave
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> Dave Silvester
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I have never used envy24control, as i only got old Creative hw :(
But i managed to get this info out of the app:

envy24control: invalid option -- ?
usage: envy24control [-c card#] [-D control-name] [-o num-outputs] [-i 
num-inputs] [-p num-pcm-outputs] [-s num-spdif-in/outs] [-v] [-f 
profiles-file] [profile name|profile id]
        -c, --card      Alsa card number to control
        -D, --device    control-name
        -o, --outputs   Limit number of analog line outputs to display
        -i, --input     Limit number of analog line inputs to display
        -p, --pcm_output        Limit number of PCM outputs to display
        -s, --spdif     Limit number of spdif inputs/outputs to display
        -v, --view_spdif_playback       shows the spdif playback 
	channels in the mixer
        -f, --profiles_file     use file as profiles file

So envy24control -f <profile> is probably what you want.
Frode Haugsgjerd

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