[linux-audio-user] How to of Recording on Ardour and connecting Ardour/JAmin together for MAstering Audio

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Tue Dec 14 09:52:32 EST 2004


Last Tuesday 14 December 2004 10:32, ish at sarai.net was like:
> Hi every one ... i ve witten a kind of a rough How-to(Draft) for initial
> recording using Ardour... and using JAmin along with it via JACK(jackd).
> This was primarily go give a basic how to of intial acoustic recording.
> And how a mastering software, which in this case is JAmin can be used to
> tweak the recording to produce a well spaced/MAstered
> recording...(Basically to achive the stuff in youe head)  . Well this is
> just a start... and any input from your side will be helpful... so please
> check out the following site ...

Please would you check your ground before posting stuff. There has been 
considerable debate about Ardour documentation on this list, which you really 
should have read. Some of us may disagree with Paul's policy on the matter, 
but seeing as he's gone to the trouble of developing this fine piece of Free 
Software, the least we can do is respect that.

Recommended reading:

tim hall

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