[linux-audio-user] Re: HDSPmixer problem

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Wed Dec 15 21:21:14 EST 2004

> Come to think of it, perhaps it's only kernels 2.6.3-2.6.8 that have
> this problem which should definitely cover myself, Kevin, and Tim. The
> thread that Mark Knecht kindly provided suggests that the problem is
> either in the kernel or Alsa's driver within the kernel. Someone
> should try the latest CVS Alsa (me? :-) and perhaps that should shed
> some light as to where does the problem stem from...
i've got that problem on 2.6.9-ck3 ...

i'm not sure, where the value for the vu-meter is computed, in the card
or in the driver ... if it's in the driver, i suppose there is a wrong
area of memory that's considered as sound data ... if it's computed in
the hdsp itself (possibly, since the hardware mixer is quite powerfull)
there might be a problem with the dma on certain machines (although i
don't think that it's related to ico's and my problem with our hdsp)

cheers ... tim

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