[linux-audio-user] HDSPconf and sync

Kevin Ernste kevinernste at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 03:21:05 EST 2004

Hi again -

First of all, many, _many_ thanks to all HDSP coders and contributers,
I've been using my multiface regularly for over a week and am
enormously impressed by the quality of tools available for this
card...and I can't imagine how ever I did without the matrix mixer ;)

Regarding the HDSP multiface and HDSPconf:

As I understand it, this card has two "speeds", single and double
corresponding to approx '48k and under' and 'over 48k' respectively. 
I'm interested in 44.1K and 96K.  So:

- Shouldn't the sampling rate (and "speed") be switching automatically
based on the rate of whatever file is being played (or based on
whatever rate a new JACK server requests, etc), am I missing
something? I've been setting the rate manually with HDSPconf or via my
play script with amixer (numid 11).

- Perhaps related, should I be able to set the sample clock source to
"AutoSync" (it won't stay toggled) even without external digital
connections?  Is this lack of "Internal" AutoSync what's breaking
sampling rate switching/handling as mentioned above?

Happy Holidays .


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