[linux-audio-user] Christoph's Notes WAS: [ANN] Downloadable Linux Audio Live CD ISO

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Thu Dec 16 12:46:23 EST 2004

> I think all his points were important for the LAD community
> to hear.
> Christoph, you may like to send those points to the
> Developer list as some developers don't subscribe to the
> users list.

Oh, I really do not want to do so:

* I hate subscribing a list simply to mess it up with a 
message and then leave again

* Of course I hope that some developers read my post here and 
remember it at the right time; on the other hand, we're on 
free software. This also means the freedom of any developer 
who spends a lot of worthy time writing free software to do 
what *he* (or her) wants to do

* I'd like to avoid a behaviour like »I'm the user and you 
should do this or that for me«

> The GUI programs should have that functionality IMO, you
> can always fiddle around as much as you want in
> qjackconnect if you like.  Having the functionality in a
> program doesn't restrict you from using an external program
> like qjackconnect.

Exactly what I feel. I do not think aconnect or qjackctl 
should be replaced, but optionally put into the single 

> I think the Linux audio apps have come a long way and I'd
> be excited to see developers take the next step and make
> their programs easier to use and more polished.
> IMO anything that makes a program crash (like losing Jack
> connectivity) is a bug, pure and simple.  The program
> should handle this gracefully, without question.

The developer decides what's more important, proper crash 
handling, polished UI or new features. And I guess that even 
users want better to have the new features than proper crash 
handling or a better UI ;-) .

Anyway, I simply wanted to try to remember the user; sometimes 
it is a pity that some software isn't used more because it is 
too complicated for most users.

 Best regards


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