[linux-audio-user] [ANNOUNCE] rtc based MTC generator

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun Dec 19 08:57:33 EST 2004

Last Saturday 18 December 2004 15:48, anahata was like:
> On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 07:30:27AM -0600, Reuben Martin wrote:
> > >each country uses its own type of plug, all mutually
> > >incompatible.  Sounds way more advanced.  ;-)
> >
> > Yeah, that's one thing that's always puzzled me. They've managed to
> > get their act together with a common currency. You'ld think something
> > like a common plug wouldn't be too much of a stretch.
> I think many European contries *have* standardized on a circular
> connector with two pins and a peripheral ground connection. It's only
> the UK that insists on being different. The UK is also moving from 240V
> to a European standard of 230V, while the rest of Europe moves from
> (usually) 220V also to 230. Maybe the plan is for the UK to adopt the
> Euro standard connector too, but as there are big issues with house
> wiring and compatibility it could be a long and painful process.

Well, we've been through it all before and it would be much better to have a 
standard. While we're at it, what's the chance of tuning mains hum up to an 
actual concert 'A' or even down to a concert 'G' (about 46Hz by my 
calculations). OK, I know what the realistic answer is, but how many times 
have you wished that the mains hum was at least IN TUNE! :-)


tim hall

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