[linux-audio-user] in tune - stupid thread [WAS: Tuning Program or wav files?]

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Mon Dec 20 00:05:31 EST 2004

mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de (Christoph Eckert) writes:

> B flat is not exactly the same note as A sharp, BTW...

depends in what key you are in :)

I have been playing a guitar for over 20 years and I never heard of
Feiten tuning system, although all the names that poped out in the
linked article sound very familiar.  But I'm probaly way behind
because I jumped from blues stright to classical guitar and then
stright to computer music...  I guess I've got some gaps to fill.

In any case, there is a touch of misinformation and/or
misinterpretation of history in that article that someone provided
First of all pythagoras did not get his math wrong.  He was right on.
And he could not have miscalculated the fret distances because fretted
instruments were invented a couple centuries after his death, if not
later.  In the occident at least.  There are perhaps older instruments
in the oriental cultures but have nothing to do with Pythagoras.
Also, I fail to see how a 12TET system can sound perfectly in tune.  I
mean, the whole idea of equal temperament is to make concessions in
intonation as a tradeoff for having all, or most, intervals sound the
same in all keys.

As it's been pointed out, the 12TET tuning system is incompatible with
overtone series of a vibrating string so even the Feiten tuning must
be out of tune.  Probably differently and perhaps the differences are
actually appealing to some players but still out of tune.

I hope that some day the digital technology will bring us a just
intonation guitar that will retune itself depending on which key
you're playing in :)  But by then, I will probably go back to acoustic
instruments (providing I'm still alive).  For now, I have modified one
of my instruments to do just intonation and it's alot of fun.  And I
don't play tonal music so modulations to different keys are of no
consequence to me :)



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