[linux-audio-user] BruteFIR convolution help

Andres Cabrera andres at geminiflux.com
Thu Dec 30 15:32:33 EST 2004

If you're using jack_fst, the free VST SIR plugin is working. It appears 
to run correctly, but I don't have any impulses to try it properly. 
(Very heavy on the CPU...)



derek holzer wrote:

> Hi gang,
> I'm staggering my way through the BruteFIR documentation in hopes of 
> building a simple soundfile convolver. Not being a mathematician, I'm 
> not too good at writing FIR filter coefficients ;-) Besides that, 
> using coeficients is not what I am looking for. If anyone here is 
> using BruteFIR to convolve one sound file or sound stream with a 
> soundfile impulse, could you post an example config for that?
> Otherwise, are there simpler ways of doing this? I've tried the 
> impulse convolution in Rezound, for example, and gotten almost nothing 
> but pure DC out of it. What I miss in Linux is a simple impulse 
> convolver like the one in SoundHack for Mac OS9, Sonic Mirror or 
> [especially] HOG for windoze [doesn't run under WINE, I tried!]:
> http://music.calarts.edu/hog/
> thanks much!
> d.

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