[linux-audio-user] Third video

Iván Almada ivanalmada at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Dec 30 20:48:47 EST 2004

i have downloaded your videos,  they are great ,
excellent job! i think these are very useful because
many musicians should not be afraid of linux for audio
work but they have the impression that its just
impossible, with these video tutorials they can learn
by example easily (and realize that it isnt that
difficult)... very good idea... i was planning to do
some tutorials for sampling in pdf but videos are more

the audio was good i didnt have problems with your
english accent (although it seems a little
germanesque) but it is very understandable,  even
though english isnt my native language... 

we need more tutorials and stuff i guess... for
example for doing the stuff many people is used to do
in other platforms... there have been an explotion in
the amount of people using computers for music today, 
and i think thats not just because computers are
powerful (they have much more power than the hardware
counterparts) but because more friendlier GUIs have
been developed... 


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