[linux-audio-user] Third video

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Fri Dec 31 21:18:48 EST 2004

> i have downloaded your videos,  they are great ,
> excellent job!

THanks a lot for the flowers, but let's be honest: There are 
many things I could have done better ;-) .

> i think these are very useful because 
> many musicians should not be afraid of linux for audio
> work but they have the impression that its just
> impossible, with these video tutorials they can learn
> by example easily (and realize that it isnt that
> difficult)... very good idea... i was planning to do
> some tutorials for sampling in pdf but videos are more
> straightforward...

Yes, this is the reason why I published them: Not the best in 
quality, but learning by viewing them should be possible.

And yes, noone likes to read documentation (if there is 
any ;-), but more people like to watch a nice video with a 
bottle of goor beer in the hand ;-) .

You have cut an important aspect: The videos show clearly 
*that* it is possible and even *not* impossible to do serious 
audio work using free software - simply a lil bit more 

> the audio was good i didnt have problems with your
> english accent (although it seems a little
> germanesque) but it is very understandable,  even
> though english isnt my native language...

Well, I think, Dave's right: All people over the world will 
understand my english, because it's so bad that I use a very 
reduced set of words ;-) .

And it will sound horrible for a native speaker, of course.

But most people of the desired destination group aren't native 
speakers, so I have no problem with continuing the work by 
myself, except a native speaker will pop up and do the job, 
but I fear there will be none ;-) .


 Best regards & all the best in 2005,


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