[linux-audio-user] Next video

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Dec 30 09:40:43 EST 2004

Hi Christoph:

  Thank you for creating and distributing these videos. You've done a 
wonderful job, and I believe that they will be quite helpful to the 
bewildered new users who have just arrived on the Linux audio software 

  I will make one recommendation, and I hope you'll take it the right 
way. Your English is superb (better than many of my countrymen here), 
but your accent might make it a little difficult for monocultural USians 
to follow. Perhaps if you made the scripts available it would be 
possible to create multiple language tracks for the videos, maybe by 
using Kino or Cinelerra. Alas, I know nothing about video production, 
and it might be necessary to provide separate versions of the AVIs in 
various languages, spoken by native speakers. Perhaps eventually you 
would consider making a DVD ? Just a thought... :)

Best regards,



Christoph Eckert wrote:

>only basics mainly about MIDI connectivity showing vkeybd, 
>kaconnect and ams.
>Nothing for the professionals here, but useful for starters I 
>Audio is somehow bad quality, I still have to figure out how 
>to improve it. Anyway, it took several hours to do it and so 
>I'll now release it.
>I really wonder when sourceforge will complain about bandwidth 
>usage ;-) .
> Best regards
>    ce

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