[linux-audio-user] Next video

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Thu Dec 30 13:59:36 EST 2004


>   Thank you for creating and distributing these videos.
> You've done a wonderful job, and I believe that they will
> be quite helpful to the bewildered new users who have just
> arrived on the Linux audio software scene.

Hopefully ;-) .

>   I will make one recommendation, and I hope you'll take it
> the right way. Your English is superb (better than many of
> my countrymen here), but your accent might make it a little
> difficult for monocultural USians to follow.

Hehe. Great you tell it. THanks a lot for your thoughts.

Well, I know my english isn't the best, but since I've been to 
some international conferences I decided that there's no need 
to hide it ;-) .

Anyway, of course a native speaker would be great, but I 
simply did it instead of waiting years until someone else 
would finally do it.

> Perhaps if you 
> made the scripts available it would be possible to create
> multiple language tracks for the videos, maybe by using
> Kino or Cinelerra.

Well, there are some video editing tools for Linux, but I 
decided to record everything in realtime.

Adding the audio tracks later will increase the needed work 

> Alas, I know nothing about video 
> production, and it might be necessary to provide separate
> versions of the AVIs in various languages, spoken by native
> speakers. Perhaps eventually you would consider making a
> DVD ? Just a thought... :)

Of course making a multi language DVD is a great idea. but I'd 
like it more if the videos are taken completely anew for the 
destination language. The reason is simple, it makes less 
sense to have a chinese language video with english UI.

Furthermore, I should have created a new user on my box for 
making the videos and setting its language to en. I really 
hate the german tooltipps accidentally popping up in the 
videos ;-) .

And to be honest, I have three goals in mind when making the 

* Reducing n00b questions in the groups
* Help n00bs and tell them to not give up
* Show users of other operating systems what wonderful things 
we can do with free software

And finally (you shouldn't have asked ;-):

If someone else wants to create a video showing the usage of a 
certain aspect of audio software (or any other aspect of a 
linux system, of course), I'll immediately help with all 
material and knowledge I can offer.

So, returning to your question, if a native speaker wants to 
redo one of the videos, he shouldn't hesitate to order all of 
my material by email.

BTW:  The third one is not very good, I'll update it after the 

 Gruß & regards


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