[linux-audio-user] Module options for usb-audio

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Thu Jan 1 13:26:02 EST 2004

So far, I have gotten to install on my Debian system, the MPU401 and USB-Audio 
drivers. Here is my cat /proc/asound/cards:
1 [UM1            ]: USB-Audio - UM-1
                     EDIROL UM-1 at usb-00:07.2-2
2 [UART           ]: MPU-401 UART - MPU-401 UART
                     MPU-401 UART at 0x300, polled
Both are listed as RWxE (or similar) but I cannot remember how to get that at 
amidi -l cannot read the cards.

(I still cannot get snd-cs46xx to install for my Dman2044 because the pci 
auto-config system thinks it has a Maestro AGOPO ESS chip. About to give up 
on this and install my old MediaVision just to have something on which to 

The MPU-401 is feeding a Yamaha sw60xg card. Yamaha did it this way for 
windows2000 so I tried it here.

Windows programs running under WINE can play to the MPU401 beautifully. Trying 
to get MIDI in from the UM1 will hang the polling program. Nothing native to 
the Linux can record or play from either one of them.

Are there any options that I need to feed the usb-audio to get that working?
How do I use these devices with the Linux?

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