[linux-audio-user] midi troubles

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Sat Jan 3 12:17:39 EST 2004

Hi Cordialement,

lördagen den 3 januari 2004 17.24 skrev C. Villard:
> Bonjour,
> Before starting, I want to say that I have already spent a lot of time
> trying to make Brahms, Rosegarden, Solfege or Jazz+ working, and spent a
> lot of my internet time too (ohh just some few hours left on my provider
> account !). So, I'm looking for a good answer, but perhaps it's not
> possible ? I've read a post on a french list of a guy who's saying that
> he uses linux since the beginning and that, after bigs probs sometimes,
> everything go fine except...midi that never seems to work !!! It seems
> that I'm taking this way and it's not funny
> Well... my computer is a PIV with a P4S8X-X Asus motherboard ; this
> motherboard includes a AD1980 chip for sound, and there's also a
> midi/game port on th motherboard ; I've bought a cable to get this port
> outside the box and have plug on it (with a midi cable) my Alesis qs8
> keyboard.
> For linux, it's an mdk 9.2 download edition. Alsa is running (message at
> boot) and the driver choosen for the sound chip by the sytem is the
> intel8x0 one.
> Last thing, I can hear sound without difficulty : when X runs afeter
> boot, I hear the little jingle witch comes with.

Good, audio works.
>    ----------------------------------------------
> Problems :
> - first, it seems that midi is not existing for linux. For example, when
> I launch K mid, in the part "configuration" midi , it's noticed "alsa
> device" but, when playing a mid file, no sound goes out from my qs8.

Ok, midi subsystem seems to be in place...

Should be possible to get this to work... if it points to the right device. 
Did you by any chance check with any "other" operating system? ;)

> When I try to launch Artscontrol, in midi part, there's nothing for
> input or output.
> -I've succeded to install rosegarden 4 with rpm packages ; it has been
> very difficult because when I was trying to install rose. It tells me
> "no librosegarden" and when trying installing "libr." answer was "no
> ....roseg." !!!!! 
The reason why this fails is that they probably depend on each other. If you 
would have done:
rpm -Uvh rosegarden.rpm rosegardenlib.rpm (with the right names ofcourse)
it would probably have worked.,

> So someone tells me "urpmi rosg. libros." : it worked 

Yes, urpmi figures out these relations by itself. Urpmi is a very useful 

> !!! But rosegarden don't work ; when trying to import a midi file, it
> doesn't work (no sound) and begin to become very instable (window
> freezing, no response ...) ; when I try to record I get the mess "no
> audio subsystem installed"  well......
> - Jazz...never installed ; when I try to, a lib is always missing, same
> for Solfege, even if the lib is already installed (it's the case for a
> gtkhtml one for example)
> -Brahms says that there's no artsmidi.h even if I find it in
> /usr/include/arts...

I don't use either Rosegarden-4, Jazz++ or Brahms. As far as I can tell Brahms 
and Jazz++ hasn't been developed for quite some time though so they are 
probably not the best start. 
Hard to come with any good suggestions other than trying MusE which is what I 
Unless you already done that, I suggest you to add an urpmi repository for 
rpm.nyvalls.se, keeps all the latest rpms for Mandrake. (there are 
instructions on the page)

> So I'm very disappointed by these things and I've tried everything I
> could without succes.

I'm sorry but Linux can be a quite a bumpy road at times. It is possible to 
get it working quite well though. It does for me atleast. (not all the time 
though ;)

> I'm looking for a simple way to install and correctly run these progs ;
> if somebody........

If you are using mandrake then urpmi is the way to go and rpm.nyvalls.se is 
the place to get the freshest rpms.

Apart from that, _this_ is the to ask questions. Btw, you didn't mention which 
versions of the respective programs you tried, others will probably find it 
easier to help you if you supply that information.


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