[linux-audio-user] No luck moving for the 2.4 kernel to 2.6

Glenn McCord clari_player at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jan 4 17:31:41 EST 2004

Hi. I'm wondering how good the new 2.6 kernel is at recording live 
audio. I managed to get my 2.4 kernel with Andrew Morton low latency 
patch to record without any of those troublesome xruns but when I tried 
using the stable 2.6 I get more more problems than I ever did when I was 
first experimenting with the 2.4 (and that wasn't pretty)

I intend to use my box mainly for recording live audio and editing in 
rezound and ardour. I used the instructions from 
http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=88781&highlight=jack+howto to 
finally get the 2.4 kernel to work properly but have had no luck with 
the 2.6

Essentially, jack coughs up LOTS of xruns when using ardour and often 
jack will shut ardour down or the whole computer will freeze (even the 
mouse won't move)

Another problem I've noticed is that seeing alsa is now built in, how am 
I to get the midi keyboard to work? In the 2.4 I used #modprobe snd-seq 
(because it can't be added to /etc/modules.autoload) but in the 2.6 alsa 
is built in and the midi keyboard doesn't work by default.

I notcied there is an Andrew Morton version of the 2.6 at 
http://www.kernel.org/patchtypes/mm.html Should I be using those? and 
what does mm stand for anyway?

Is there anything else besides what's mentioned in that above howto that 
I should be aware of?


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