[linux-audio-user] percussions/rhythms? gmorgan hydrogen

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Jan 5 11:23:12 EST 2004

Hi Juhana,

I found your english a little hard to understand in this instance. What file 
format are you looking to store your rhythms in? MIDI? wav? something else? I 
would have thought you'd want to store them in a format which could easily be 
transferred between applications, but perhaps I am misunderstanding (?).

On Monday 05 January 2004 15:32, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> What kind of software gmorgan and hydrogen are with respect to
> storing rhythms? I would like to build up a rhythm library only.
> The samples used in the rhythms are placed later by the musician,
> hinted by terms, e.g., "dum", "tak", "accented", "legato"
> (whatever they mean). Any suggestions for terms?
> Should I build the library, e.g., with Rosegarden instead?
> Any other strategy? More general strategy?
> I downloaded Yamaha RX11/15 Pattern Book and would like to get
> those rhythms easily to use whenever I need them. I have also
> a plenty of other rhythms.
>   (http://www2.yamaha.co.jp/manual/english/index.html)

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