[linux-audio-user] percussions/rhythms? gmorgan hydrogen

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Mon Jan 5 13:27:31 EST 2004


On Lunes 05 Enero 2004 15:32, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:

> What kind of software gmorgan and hydrogen are with respect to
> storing rhythms? I would like to build up a rhythm library only.

That basically depends on what kind of data-type you want to store and what 
you wanna do with this stored data.

If you want to store in .wav (Audio type) your best choice is use hydrogen. 
The you can put this data in your favorite audio-midi sequencer (Rosegarden 
or Muse) or put in a Multitrack hard disk recorder like Ardour.

> Should I build the library, e.g., with Rosegarden instead?
> Any other strategy? More general strategy?

If you want to store in MIDI your favorite sequencer is sure your best choice.


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