[linux-audio-user] [ANN] MusE version 0.6.3

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Mon Jan 5 17:41:57 EST 2004

Hi everybody,

It's time for a release again, MusE 0.6.3 should be available for download in 
source form when you read this.

[General Info]
MusE is a multitrack virtual studio for Linux based on audio and midi

Brief list of features:
- MIDI sequencer with:
  - pianoroll
  - drum editor
  - score editor
- Integrated softsynths
- Support for external MIDI equipment
- Audio sequencing with:
  - LADSPA plugins
  - Alsa & Jack output/input
- LADCCA support
- MusE is translated to Russian, Spanish, French and Swedish.

* For screenshots and more information, check the homepage.
  - Which by the way got a very nice facelift thanks to Emiliano Grilli!

Release 0.6.3 is mainly a bugfix release, some bugs more serious than others 
have been fixed, all users are encouraged to upgrade, especially if you had 
problems with the prior release.
Changes since 0.6.2 (from the ChangeLog):
      - trackInfo expanded by default (rj)
      - changed background color of canvas B-] (rj)
      - reverted audio change that caused jack-audio to fail (rj)
      - reverted parts of RT improvements in midithread.cpp (John Check)
      - copied givertcaps.c from muse (rj)
      - fixed bug 838161 (freeze while looping and using mixer) (ws)
      - alsa driver updates (ws)
      - dragging a part below tracklist creates a new track (ws)
      - Fixed bug in drum keyfilter to work with new handling of
        drummaps + misc other drumeditor related (Mathias Lundgren)
      - updated muse_ru.ts from Alexandre Prokoudine (ws)
      - fixed midi file import: map drum events with drumInmap (ws)
      - added missing initialisation of _rwFlags in MidiPort. Sometimes
        MidiDevice->open() was called on startup with rwFlags=0
        (no read/no write) which resulted in midi write errors (ws)
      - Drummap fixed to work w respect to index in dlist. Mapping of in-notes
        now works. (Mathias Lundgren)
      - Undo-bugfix (Mathias Lundgren)
      - Changing the out-key in the drummap plays the actual key changed 
        to. (Mathias Lundgren)
      - integrated "atomic" patches from Daniel Kobras (ws)
      - Fluidsynth bugfix (Mathias Lundgren)
      - Arrowing up and down now works over the whole song and all tracks 
        (Mathias Lundgren)
      - "Double undo"-bug fixed in pianoroll (Mathias Lundgren)
      - Debian/qt/stl/gcc-bug fixed. Fluidsynth should now compile on Debian  
        (Mathias Lundgren)

There are also a bunch of known issues with this (and presumably earlier 
      - Does not yet support LADCCA 0.4
      - Does not build with libtools 1.5.x, use libtools 1.4.x
      - Givertcaps support is broken, use setuid method or run as root 
      - probably others I forgot...oh time will tell...

And finally, do stay tuned for muse 0.7 which judgeing by the massive 
changelog will rock! :-)
It will be arriving... when it's ready...

Have fun!
/The MusE development team

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