[linux-audio-user] MusE configuration file

Vescovi Christophe christophe.vescovi at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 7 09:43:30 EST 2004

Hi all,

I sent this e-mail just to share an experience with other potential 
users of MusE.
For some month MusE was not able to connect to jack when started as 
normal user, but was working properly as root. In fact muse was a jack 
client but inactive when started as normal user.
I was thinking it was my setup or a bug, but today, after trying 0.6.3, 
I have found the bug : The old configuration file ~/.MusE was causing 
the problem !! Since this file was not present in the root directory I 
was getting a message :
NO Config File </root/.MusE>
but MusE was starting fine.

I have deleted the .MusE file in my home directory and now I can start 
MusE without being root !!!

I should have think to that before since I have had a similar problem 
with spiralsynthmodular before ;-)


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