[linux-audio-user] M-audio delta 66

Julien Pierre madbrain at rawbw.com
Mon Jan 5 22:06:38 EST 2004


I am a fairly recent home user of Linux - I installed Mandrake 9.2 for 
the first time successfully on one of my PCs last week.  It includes an 
M-Audio delta 66 soundcard, which I would like to use for recording.  
The Mandrake installer detected the card and installed the Envy24 ./ 
ice1712 driver.

However, I am unable to do much with the card. I tried a CD player 
application that came with mandrake - I can't recall the name right now 
- and i  played the CD, but the sound was very choppy, and the volume 
extremely low through the SPDIF output. I had to turn my 100W amp all 
the way up to hear anything ! Under normal circumstances that sound 
level would be unbearable.

Is anyone else using this soundcard successfully under Linux ?
I would like to use it do some recordings and edits. I am also looking 
for a good application to use with the card.

While I'm new to Linux, I am very experienced with audio - I have been 
writing audio programs for DOS and OS/2 since 1989. And I may do so for 
Linux as well, but first I need to get started as a user to see what 
works and what does not. I am not really new to Linux as I have been 
writing server code for it for years for my employer, but I never used 
Linux on a desktop machine yet.


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