[linux-audio-user] M-audio delta 66

Austin Acton aacton at yorku.ca
Mon Jan 5 22:46:16 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 22:06, Julien Pierre wrote:
> However, I am unable to do much with the card. I tried a CD player 
> application that came with mandrake - I can't recall the name right now 
> - and i  played the CD, but the sound was very choppy, and the volume 
> extremely low through the SPDIF output. I had to turn my 100W amp all 
> the way up to hear anything ! Under normal circumstances that sound 
> level would be unbearable.

I'm using the Delta 44 on Mandrake 9.2, and it works perfectly.
Make sure you use envy24control right?
# urpmi envy24control
as the alsa mixer is incomplete for that card.

> Is anyone else using this soundcard successfully under Linux ?

Yeah, used it for the first time last week.  Sound quality is SOOO much
better than a typical sound card.

> I would like to use it do some recordings and edits. I am also looking 
> for a good application to use with the card.

I've been using audacity because it's simpler, but it's oss based, so
there are complications.  Can only get 2 channels working perfectly so
far.  Make sure to tell audacity that your project is in 48k bps, since
the card seems to play at that rate no matter what audacity says, and
you'll get screwed up wav/mp3 headers otherwise.

Ardour also works fine for me, and is alsa-enabled, but it's a lot more
complicated and crashy.
# urpmi ardour jackit-realtime
should install everything you need.  (reboot into the multimedia kernel
I'd also suggest mounting /tmp as tmpfs (see the jackit website).

> While I'm new to Linux, I am very experienced with audio - I have been 
> writing audio programs for DOS and OS/2 since 1989. And I may do so for 
> Linux as well, but first I need to get started as a user to see what 
> works and what does not. I am not really new to Linux as I have been 
> writing server code for it for years for my employer, but I never used 
> Linux on a desktop machine yet.

You've chosen an excellent card and an excellent distro!  :-)
Try tkeca, snd, sweep, dap, ecawave, freqtweak, glame, mhwaveedit,
rezound, SpiralLoops, terminatorX, wavesurfer... all good stuff.  You
should be able to install any of them with urpmi.  If not, just set up a
'contrib' repository first.

I packaged most of them myself.  Let me know if you have any problems. 
Trying to get things polished for Mandrake 10, due in February!


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