[linux-audio-user] M-audio delta 66

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Tue Jan 6 04:35:36 EST 2004

> I've been using audacity because it's simpler, but it's oss based,
> so there are complications.  Can only get 2 channels working
> perfectly so far.

You need Audacity version 1.1.3 or later for multichannel - I 
recommend building wxGTK 2.4.0 from source rather than using the 
Mandrake RPMS, which install a later version of wxGTK that the 
Audacity developers do not recommend. Audacity 1.2.0-pre3 was the 
latest release for Linux, I think.

It also helps multichannel performance if you set up a simple 
.asoundrc file in your home directory, I've found. We've recorded 
with up to 8 inputs on a Delta 1010 using Audacity. 

> Make sure to tell audacity that your project is 
> in 48k bps, since the card seems to play at that rate no matter
> what audacity says, and you'll get screwed up wav/mp3 headers
> otherwise.

I haven't experienced that with the Delta 1010, although with more 
than 6 input channels the performance was better at 48KHz than 
44.1KHz. 8 channels at 44.1KHz caused some sync problems between 


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