[linux-audio-user] alsa rtc patch in 2.4.23?

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Thu Jan 8 13:38:51 EST 2004

James Stone <stone1 at btinternet.com> writes:

> I still had a problem when I tried to enable capabilities with the
> patch for jack. When I ran jack with startjack as a normal user, it ran
> for a short while then stopped (can't remember the error message now.. I
> changed back to the unpatched kernel and now start jack as root). Any
> hints on how to get this working would be appreciated.

The messages would be helpful.  You did this by applying the normal
capabilities patch[1] by hand?  I haven't tried that yet, because I've
been experimenting with Linux Security Modules.  

If you like to live dangerously, here's[2] a preliminary realtime LSM
for 2.6 you can try.  It works with an unpatched kernel, but you need
kernel sources to build it and install it.

  [1] http://jackit.sourceforge.net/docs/faq.php#a5
  [2] http://www.joq.us/realtime

> But overall, I agree, 2.6 is a great step forward.

Agreed.  I just built a vanilla 2.6.0 last night.  To my surprise, its
realtime performance seems much better than 2.6.0-test11 on my system.
No hard numbers, just a seat of the pants impression, but noticable.

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