[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

Iain Duncan iainduncan at telus.net
Thu Jan 8 18:20:05 EST 2004

> Very interesting! I'm a teacher in Norway as well and have thought about
> starting to use linux apps in my music teaching, but have found it to
> cumbersome in the present state. I think audacity is the way to go as it
> multiplatform. The pupils and teachers can easily use it on their windows
> home-pc. Both Muse and rosegarden is fine, although I personally find Muse
> bit more intuitive. One of them should be included for composing by way of
> notation. If there is space I'd definately use the ear-training app.

That's a good point. Multiplatform is nice because your students may then
want to experiment at home, but be not quite ready for linux yet. Audacity,
PD, and Csound all run well under windows too and make a fun ( and
powerful! ) combination.


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