[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

Conrad Newton conrad.newton at broadpark.no
Thu Jan 8 18:24:33 EST 2004

>From Ketil Thorgersen on Thursday, 2004-01-08 at 22:27:22 +0100:
> torsdag 8. januar 2004, 21:30, skrev Conrad Newton:
> Very interesting! I'm a teacher in Norway as well and have thought
> about starting to use linux apps in my music teaching, but have found
> it to cumbersome in the present state. I think audacity is the way to
> go as it is multiplatform. The pupils and teachers can easily use it
> on their windows home-pc. Both Muse and rosegarden is fine, although I
> personally find Muse a bit more intuitive. One of them should be
> included for composing by way of notation. If there is space I'd
> definately use the ear-training app.

Thank you, it is very good to hear from a potential user.
>From what you say, I am inclined to include audacity, muse,
and solfege on the CD.

I have not yet looked at muse, but I did briefly investigate
rosegarden4, and immediately tripped over the use of jack.
Is muse any simpler to configure, or is it about the same?

> Let us know when it is released!

The final version is not yet released, but if you want to be
a tester, you can download one of the following CDs.


The name has recently been changed from NordisKids to snofrix,
and snofrix is being uploaded this very minute.  You could get
it tomorrow morning if you have a good internet connection.

The current version contains audacity and solfege, but not
muse or rosegarden.  The installed packages on snofrix very
much resemble the set of packages listed in


I would welcome you as a tester, since until now my correspondents
have been mostly either hard core hackers, or clueless users.
A music teacher is just the sort of tester I am looking for.  :-))

The final release will be January 20, so I have about one more
week to be really certain of what I am doing.  The CD will be packaged
together with skolemagasinet, so if you get that magazine, I suppose
you will also receive a copy of the CD.


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