[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

Conrad Newton conrad.newton at broadpark.no
Thu Jan 8 18:41:19 EST 2004

>From derek holzer on Thursday, 2004-01-08 at 22:18:52 +0100:
> >My question is, if I can only include 2 of the above
> >programs (for space reasons), which two should I take?
> >Bear in mind the restriction that the users are not
> >a high-tech crowd.
> you might want to keep rezound in mind. it is pretty nice-looking, is 
> good for audio editing and the newest version has LADSPA support.

Is it in the same category as audacity (a competitor), or do the two 
complement each other?  What kind of program is rezound?

> as much as i love ardour, i think it is still a bit too buggy [and 
> complex] for general usage.

OK, this confirms my general impression.  Ardour is out.

> rosegarden and muse are generally used for their midi capabilties, and 
> not necessarily their audio editing ones, so keep this in mind when 
> choosing.

I am tempted to go with muse.

> also, please have a look at Dynebolic, which is a live CD distro aimed 
> at teachers, artists and media activists.

Yes, I did have a look, but it is not so helpful because they
are much less space-constrained than I am, and therefore do
not have to make the same difficult choices.

Thanks for your comments.


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