[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

Conrad Newton conrad.newton at broadpark.no
Thu Jan 8 19:59:22 EST 2004

>From derek holzer on Friday, 2004-01-09 at 01:29:38 +0100:
> Conrad Newton wrote:
> >Is it [Rezound] in the same category as audacity (a competitor), or do the 
> >two complement each other?  What kind of program is rezound?
> Similar to Audacity, but with slightly different features and a much 
> more impressive GUI. Rezound looks and feels very much like Sound Forge 
> or the sample-editor part of Cool Edit. This makes it a bit more 
> familiar to windoze users. I like it better than Audacity because it has 
>  more advanced editing features, and especially because you can scrub 
> through tracks as if it were a tape-player, and also zoom in to the 
> sample level.

OK, I will have a look.

> Conrad Newton wrote:
> >they [Dynebolic] are much less space-constrained than I am, and therefore 
> >do
> >not have to make the same difficult choices.
> What kind of space limitations are you dealing with? A 3" CDR? Just 
> curious why everything has to be so squeezed when the apps themselves 
> are so small anyways...

The CD is more multi-purpose than dynebolic, not just multimedia,
but games (mostly to get everyone interested), plus a windows
installer for mozilla and openoffice.  The windows installer
alone reduces the available space for program by around 200MB,
since it is 60MB large, and the cloop compression ratio is
roughly 3 to 1.  There are math and science programs as well, 
so I have to be very careful in my choices.

rosegarden4, for example, is 11.5 MB large.  I believe that
csound with cecilia is similarly large.  When in addition
you have applications like celestia (32MB, interplanetary
travel) and maxima (25MB, symbolic manipulation program),
it starts to add up . . .

You are right, I could delete one of the larger games and
install more music software instead, but before I do that
I need to be convinced that people would really _use_ the
music software---I know they will play the games.

There is also the political aspect:  since this is a Linux
promotional CD, I do not want people to come back and say,
"hey, this application is so complicated as to be useless---
Linux is useless . . ."  I want them to succeed in their
endeavours and to feel that Linux improves their lives.
The best situation is to have a powerful program with
an intuitive interface that lives up to expectations.
We all know how difficult that is . . . ;-)

Of course I want to have more music software.
That is why I started this thread, to try to suck
out the best of the available programs.


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