[linux-audio-user] Quick Fix for sfc

Rocco linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Wed Jan 14 10:03:52 EST 2004


Just in case you want to try out the latest version of sfc 
(SoundFontCombi) (see link below), you will need to do a very simple 
work around for it to work properly. Simply create an (empty) text file 
named ".sfc" in your home directory. The program will start without it, 
but things wont work the way the README mentions.

A new version will be coming soon and this will be fixed.

SoundFontCombi allows you to connect to softsynths, hardware synths... 
and mix the sounds on individual mixer slots with their seperate 
volumes, pans, octives, transpose (and other controls). You can load and 
save a set of "mixes" into "banks". You can even split your midi 
keyboard up into 8 seperate instruments. You can find the latest relase 



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