[linux-audio-user] Rosegarden-4 or Muse or...

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri Jan 16 04:38:22 EST 2004

On Thursday 15 Jan 2004 8:36 pm, Rocco wrote:
> 0.8.1 compiled OK on my computer but when I would launch it, the
> splash screen (Penguin and Drum) would come up. Then the program
> would come up just long enough for my mouth to water, then it would
> die. 

Comment out line 1045 of hydrogen_gui/MixerLine.cpp (a drawText call) 
and try again.

(That's not a fix, just a workaround.  You'll lose a text label but 
the program should run.  At least, that's what happened for me.)

I reported this to hydrogen-devel a while ago, and I had been thinking 
that nobody had replied -- but I just checked again and found that my 
hydrogen-devel mail was being automatically misfiled as junk.  In 
fact I did get a reply asking for more info, which (needless to say) 
I never supplied.  Oops.  I should take a look at hydrogen CVS and 
see if it still happens and if I can work out why.


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