[linux-audio-user] Rosegarden-4 or Muse or...

Rocco linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Wed Jan 14 18:14:50 EST 2004

>>This only audio *and* midi program I used was muse. The midi part of the
>>program is wonderful and even has "built-in" softsynths. I've never had
>>success with the "live" (audio) recording capabilities. 

> I'm sure you have said what the problem was earlier but I'd be happy for a 
> refresh of memory. Getting old, my memory isn't what it used to be ;)

 From what I remember, recording was really "noisy". There was static 
sounds. I also couldn't get a good volume level no matter what I did. 
And this next thing isn't (as) important, but it just seemed very 
(un)intuitive. I can't remember how I recorded audio. It just (all 
around) didn't seem to work very well.

I just figured out how to create WAV's with ecasound (and use a preset 
that plays a metronome track while you record) and then import the WAV 
file into Muse. The WAV file that was created in ecasound synced up with 
Muse's metronome *perfectly* (I know becaue I recorded ecasound's 
metronome to a WAV file and played it along with the metronome in Muse). 
The "beeps" on the WAV file ran in *perfect* sync with Muse's metronome 
for 4 minutes!!! It didn't slip for a second. I then recorded a guitar 
and vocal track in ecasound (using ecasound's metronome as a timing 
guide) then imported them into muse and it ran in perfect sync with 
Muse's metronome.

I have a bunch of linux/audio projects like this one going at the time. 
I (almost) posted the step-by-step approach I used, but I ran out of 
time tonight and have to get back to it tomarrow. Besides, it wasn't 
complete anyways.

>>And the newest 
>>version just wouldn't compile on my computer.

> Do you know what the error is/was ?

Man... I'm so confused. It seems to me that I *did* have it
running. Because I remember being affected by the qt3 bug
(WAV files would play thru once and not play again). So I must
have had it installed at some point. Because the version that
came with SuSE 9.0 (Professional) doesn't have that bug
(version 0.6.1). So I must have had the latest version installed
at some point. I ended up intalled SuSE's version of muse. And
I'm glad I did because of the "work-around" that I mentioned
(in the above message).

While were on the subject... I'm courious why none of the built in 
synths in muse allow for panning? I mean, each soft synth can be panned 
with the mixer. But *no* individual instruments on *any* of the 
softsynths can be panned seperatly. It's a shame because the built-in 
synth called "Fluid" (not "FluidSynth"... just "Fluid") sounds a lot 
better than FluidSynth *or* timidity. I'd really like to use "Fluid" but 
just can't see not being able to have control over each instruments 
volume and planning. I even started up Muse and connected SoundFontCombi 
(SoftSynth mixer) up to "Fluid" and had no control over the panning of 


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