[linux-audio-user] loop creation under Linux

Glenn McCord clari_player at paradise.net.nz
Thu Jan 15 00:07:25 EST 2004

Thanks for the tips, I may have to go back and give ardour and audacity 
a closer look.

To be more specific I was trying to find an app that detects the beats 
in a loop and then adjust it's speed to fit into a desired metronome 
mark. The beauty of that being I could get two loops of similar style 
but totally different speeds and then join them together. There are 
loops out there at crazy things like 102bpm so manually adjusting it to 
fit with a loop at 144bpm gets a bit messy.

Thanks for the help.

philicorda wrote:

>Hi. The easiest way to do Acid kind of stuff in Linux is to chop up some loops 
>in Ardour, and then use the drag time stretchy tool in ardour to drag them to 
>bar/beat or as long as you like. It works quite nicely.
>(Btw, I think a glass of good Wine is improved by being slightly Acid. :)

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