[linux-audio-user] loop creation under Linux

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Jan 15 05:47:19 EST 2004

Hi rossen,
rossen wrote:

> i was very excited about gdam when i saw it
> for the first time, and i'm very sorry that development
> seems to be dead. i somehow managed to get it compiled under Gentoo,
> but the ebuild was very hackish and i didn't feel like submitting it to 
> gentoo-bugzilla.
> i remember there were some problems with the dependencies mainly.
> haven't used it ever since but
> if someone is interested i can dig it out and send by mail

I would love to try it. I got Gdam to compile, but whenever I loaded any 
turntables ["Wheels" in Gdam speak] or many other user elements, the 
whole app segfaults. I posted several times to the incredibly dead Gdam 
user list to no avail.


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