[linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-dev] [OT?] Fun with numbers

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Thu Jan 15 15:17:06 EST 2004


torsdagen den 15 januari 2004 15.46 skrev Dave Phillips:
> Greetings:
>     I thought about posting a response to the linuxaudio.org controversy
> but I've opted for posting some numbers instead.
>     It was pointed out that LAD can claim more than 700 members now.
> Very cool, I love it. I'm not sure exactly what those numbers mean, but
> I do know that only about 1/10 of that figure actually post regularly to
> the list. So out of the 700 only ~70 are consistent contributors. Again,
> I don't know what the numbers signify. I guess it's [your meaning here].
>     On January 7 Linux Journal On-line posted my second monthly column
> (this one about Planet CCRMA and AGNULA). I checked for the number of
> reads this morning: +10000. That's right, more than ten thousand in
> little over one week. I point this out not to shine my own light, but to
> indicate again that far more people are interested in Linux audio
> development than the mail lists' membership numbers suggest.

Indeed, very interesting numbers, not that I would have guessed differently. 
Audio+Linux will be (and already is to some extent) a significant area of 
interest for many people.

Reading those numbers I instinctively thought: 
What should we do to reach all these interested people? The article definitely 
did that so we are partially already happy.
It would be nice though if a dialogue could also be established as opposed to 
the monologue nature of an article.

I wonder if there may be a technological barrier here. I'm oldsch00l, 
mailinglists ain't exacly rocket science to me... I would imagine though that 
not everybody uses mailing-lists as instinctively as we do, especially not 
the younger, web-grown, crowd.
To expand a little, rather recently I took a liking to Anime (japanese 
cartoons), lots of places about it on the net. It strikes me that _all_ these 
places have web-forums, and they are all full of talking people... I can see 
the benefits, easy browsing, easy posting, anonymity (as long as you just 
read anyway) and so on.
Now, this was a very long way of suggesting that maybe LinuxAudioUser should 
be extended with forum functionality for the presumed mass of people that 
don't wish to read mailinglists for one reason or another. 
Best would be if it was designed so posting on the forum went out as mail 
also, and the other way around. Such software probably already exist.


>     (Actually I have a lot of thoughts on all this stuff, but I'm really
> just too busy here for further comment.)
>     Back to the hack...
> Best regards,
> Dave Phillips

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