[linux-audio-user] Rosegarden-4 or Muse or...

Rocco linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Thu Jan 15 11:49:26 EST 2004

mathias_lundgren at bredband.net wrote:
>>While were on the subject... I'm courious why none of the built in
>>synths in muse allow for panning? I mean, each soft synth can be panned
>>with the mixer. But *no* individual instruments on *any* of the
>>softsynths can be panned seperatly. It's a shame because the built-in
>>synth called "Fluid" (not "FluidSynth"... just "Fluid") sounds a lot
>>better than FluidSynth *or* timidity. I'd really like to use "Fluid" but
>>just can't see not being able to have control over each instruments
>>volume and planning. I even started up Muse and connected SoundFontCombi
>>(SoftSynth mixer) up to "Fluid" and had no control over the panning of

> Hmmm, I wonder what version you were using. The 'Fluid' softsynth doesn't 
> handle panning nor any regular controllers at all IIRC (I wonder if it did 
> handle NRPN/RPN:s, perhaps I'm mistaken, there was something strange with 
> that). 

See the post I just sent (or maybe you already have by now)

> It's actually possible to load several soundfonts in one fluidsynth-instance 
> (then assign different soundfonts to different channels).

That's great, but I'm (currently) in love with one soundfont and it's 
145 Megs in size (and growing as I keep adding to it). :-) Several 
versions of that loaded into FluidSynth can really drain the memory :-)


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