[linux-audio-user] linuxmusician.com: a website of sorts

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri Jan 16 12:21:52 EST 2004

Quite a long time ago now, Richard Bown and I decided we were going to 
set up a sort of magazine website for musicians using Linux.  It 
wouldn't be a developer site or a pro-audio site or even particularly 
a technology site, it would just be a site for individuals who were 
interested in doing music.

We registered the name linuxmusician.com, and then, inevitably, 
contrived to do absolutely nothing at all with it for the next 
eighteen months.  It became very clear very quickly, as always, that 
we simply wouldn't have the time to write a substantial amount of 
material for it.  The subsequent appearance of the handy QuickToots 
site at djcj.org also seemed to reduce the need for some of the 
content we'd been hoping to write or solicit.

Recently though we decided that enough was enough, and that we should 
just launch the damn thing with the few contributions we could make 
plus a community article-submission facility and at the least give it 
the chance to flop gracelessly instead of never being launched at 
all.  So one install of Mambo later, and we present


At the moment there is one (1) complete article on there, plus two 
brief stubs of articles; there's a links page with hardly any links 
yet, and a copy of the bownie.com Guide to Home Recording.  We will 
continue to post stuff that we come up with, but also if you take a 
moment to register you are then very welcome to submit articles, 
news, and links.  It's not a complete slash/scoop-style community 
moderation system; for example, there's currently no comment system 
at all.  But we're very open to ideas and concoctions that other 
people might want to suggest.


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